Ravens & Hogs 


By Unknown

Ravens and Hogs By Unknow Ravens and Hogs
Court our chambers
In the fields and in the sky
They glut on waste

And I, as sealed to fate
As a waterdrop within an ice flow
I merely watch the sun set over these lands
And envy the freedom

Gravestones Become Political Steps to Power

by Karl Chaimberlain

Here in Texas
Leave us our monsters,
They’re easier to see than
The men masked by our fears…
(Besides, they’re easier to kill.)

Love by Zambian Death Row Prisoner. Perspective
In the land of memories

In the land of turmoil

In the land of stress and depression

In the land of tears

In the land of death

Love is so amazing

Farewell by Job Kasonda Kapita

Farewell to a released Prisoner.
Goodbye dear friend
Goodbye brother
Goodbye sister

As you leave us in this hellish place
Go well
Your sentence is over
Be a better person

Pinch no more
Rob no more
Swindle no more
Kill no more

Rape no more
Terrorise no more
Mandela returned to jail
He became in South Africa

Jospeh returned to jail
He became a great man in Egypt
Become a great man in your community
Become a great woman in your community

Prison is awful
Don’t make it your home