Jesus Came


By Bill Barnes

(1st verse)
Once all was darkness
No light to be seen
It was like starin’ at
A blank movie screen

A soul so troubled
A heart so heavy and worn
A fondest wish that
I had never been born…


Into my life
Took away my heartache
Took away my strife

The Son he healed
My wounded sould
He made it complete
He made it whole

It was like steppin’ out of darkness
Into the light
It was like
A sunrise so bright

He erased all my hurt,
Erased all my pain
And, yes, things just haven’t
Been the same

Thank God!
Since the wonderful, glorious day that

(2nd verse)
I had known so much trouble
So many wrong paths I’d trod
Till one day I found my very own
Demascus Road…

I was delivered from
A future so b lesk
A destiny so dark
That words couldn’t speak…

(Repeat Chorus)

(3rd verse)

And though I’ve been healed
I remember it so clear
The Day when my life was ruled by
Trouble, heartache and fear

I remember it like
It was just yesterday
I felt despair deeper than
Words can ever say.

(Repeat Chorus)