By Anthony Richard


I am stationed in Huntsville, only ten minutes from where executions are performed, where a life is taken as a reward for murder.

Yet, one of the biggest crimes in America today is the oppression of the poor: since DNA testing, for those who could not afford a lawyer to assure them of a fair trial, came into in circulation the number of prisoners released has been dramatic. So this makes me wonder just how many more innocent victims we4re executed before DNA was developed in 1994!

So far, the system has refused to acknowledge that something is terribly wrong. The guilty are easy to convict but to free the innocent is the real challenge. The system is only interested in obtaining a conviction, whether the person is innocent or guilty. We’ve just reached 1.8 million citizens incarcerated and the numbers are going up every day, as more and more prisons are being built.

I see a war on the people as they sit back and let it take place. It’s not the New World order that’s in affect but the government in its corrupt state of advance. It’s high time, we as people of all colours, race and national origins, came together for peace, people’s needs and set ourselves from was trouble.