A Lost and Lovely Thought


By Scott Mutchier

An old grey wall to greet me
When my eyes are open wide.
A door that’s made of steel
To keep me locked inside.
Where loneliness is company
And sorrow fills the air.
A life that’s filled with memories
Where no one seems to care.Sleep is my only freedom
In this place that’s made of hell.
Like in a horror movie
Or science fiction tale.
I look into the mirror
And stare into my face
Count the awful memories
That time cannot erase. 

The things that life has shown me
I can’t believe it’s real.
But who could truly understand
Or care the way I feel.
The human mind is powerful
But what a price to pay
Because I am poor man
In the games that people playI hope I haven’t offended you
In any type of way
For taking up your precious time
To take the time to say
I do not know the memories
This little poem has brought,
While rudely expressing
A lost and lonely thought.